Tuesday, 12 February 2013

July 2010 - Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

This seemed to be an unpopular book as many of our members didn't turn up for the meet, and the members who did turn up weren't overly impressed with the hype surrounding this book.

Firstly I'll comment on a point most did agree on; that the idea was good, however it seemed as if Mitchell over complicated the theme. The six stories were weakly linked, and there were no big revelations. The first story felt as if he was using complicated language for the sake of it, although as you progress you begin to see the evolution of his plan.

The overall theme was believed to have been based on reincarnation, but none of the characters had a lot in common (other than the birth mark) and hardly any of them had any likeability.

Some of the six stories crept back some score for some members, we all liked different stories but did agree that the stories we favoured would have been better on their own than as a part of six. Perhaps the author should have concentrated his skills on developing one good story as opposed to six average ones.

The ending was disappointing, leaving us all feeling hard done by, having read 500 pages. It is understandable why some members didn't turn up to this meeting, in fact many didn't finish the book. It was not only hard to read at first but fairly boring.

This book has been rated by 7 members and the average score is 5/10.

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