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Bournemouth Book Club

Bournemouth Book Club was set up by myself, Vicki in January 2010, after finding it difficult to locate a book club in Bournemouth that was accepting new members. I wanted to set a group up where people could come along to meet new friends, who all enjoy reading.

Since January 2010, the book club has flourished and I've made some great friends. We've read some brilliant books, that without being a part of a book club I would have never even looked at (all previous reads can be found by clicking on the "Previous Books" tab above, or you can view them one year at a time if you look to the right of this page).

New members are always welcome, if you'd like more details click on the "Join us" tab above, or pop along to our Facebook page where most of our members are active and ready to say Hi! You can also follow us on Twitter for more updates.

We always meet on the second Monday of each month at 19:30, and if the date is ever changed e.g. Valentines Day, then we'll let you know ASAP.

If you can't make our monthly meetings, feel free to either add your thoughts to our blog posts, or on our Facebook page.

Our books are chosen by our own members, we take it in turns to pick a book, it can be a classic, a favourite, a new release or just something that's been sat on your bookshelf for a while. Our only rule is that the book doesn't exceed 500 pages (give or take a few).

We don't take the meetings too seriously, we just like to discuss a good (or bad) book, giving our honest thoughts on it. We generally stick to the structured questions, which you can read through on the "Group Questions" tab above, but occasionally throw in a few specific questions about the book/author/theme.

We like to think of ourselves as a nice bunch of people, and would love to meet you sometime in the near future.

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